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Aaron Hui

Founding President

Aaron is a fourth-year Cybernetics (CaSB) major and Philosophy minor at UCLA focusing on the ethics and morality of artificial intelligence in healthcare. He will be teaching at UCLA this spring in AI Ethics. After graduating, he plans to pursue his M.D. and continue advocating the importance of ethics in AI. During his free time, Aaron loves to cook, freelances as a private tutor, enjoys spending time with family, and discovering new coffee shops/boba shops/foodie places throughout LA.


Victoria Liu

Vice President

Victoria is a second year pre-psychobiology major with a minor in global health. She has studied in Australia, Taiwan, and the Bay Area, and is planning to pursue a career in healthcare in the future. Victoria is involved in USAC Office of the President, Care Extenders at Ronald Reagan Hospital, and Residential Life here at UCLA. During her free time, Victoria likes to hike, run, bake, and go on food adventures in LA.


Amanda Dumovich


Amanda is a third year Marine Biology major. She hopes to pursue a career in the tech industry with a focus in product management. She is eager to incorporate AI ethics in any future role in product. She is also involved in the Daily Bruin, Bruin Women in Business and DGSOM CTSI Research. Amanda loves to travel and spent her summer working on volunteer projects abroad in Spain. While in California, she enjoys spending time with friends and doing outdoor activities like surfing, hiking, or swimming.



Kelly Nguyen

Events Director

Kelly is a second-year mechanical engineering major. She is interested in mechatronics and amateur spacecrafts and hopes to pursue a career in industry. She is also involved with Residential Life and the Society of Women Engineers on UCLA campus. During her free time, she enjoys running, foodie runs, listening to new music, and rewatching Marvel films.

Kedaar Sridhar

Finance Director

Kedaar is a second-year Computer Science major with a minor in Digital Humanities. He is interested in the connection between finance, business and technology and is looking to pursue an interdisciplinary career in these fields. He is also passionate about technology and education and likes to volunteer at various high schools around LA to teach students coding. During his free time, Kedaar enjoys playing racquet sports, hiking, programming and exploring new places in and around LA.

Josh Vendrow

Outreach Director

Josh is a second-year computer science major double minoring in mathematics and philosophy. After graduating, Josh plans to pursue a Ph.D within the field of statistical machine learning. Josh is currently performing research on the applications of machine learning methods to patient data under the guidance of UCLA’s Computational Applied Math department, and is the tutoring chair and social chair of Tau Beta Pi, UCLA’s engineering honors society. In his free time, Josh works out, plays chess, and reads.


June Chang

Marketing Director

June is a second year chemical engineering major with a computer science technical breadth. She plans on specializing in semiconductor manufacturing with the hope of pursuing a career in industry following graduation. She has conducted chemistry research at Carnegie Mellon University and volunteers as a teacher and caretaker for children with mental disabilities. Other than AIRES she is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society. During her free time, she enjoys baking, listening to music, and exploring food places in LA.


Pranav Singh

Podcast Co-Host

Pranav is a third-year Linguistics and Computer Science major at UCLA. Academically, he's interested in phonetics & phonology and their applications in computer science, as well as data science, databases and cloud technology. He also serves as a software developer and NLP engineer for the UCLA startup Sike Insights. Aside from academics, he loves listening to rap music, watching his favorite YouTubers, driving to all the touristy destinations in LA, and boring people with terrible jokes and linguistic theories at parties.


Arnav Mathur

Podcast Co-Host

Arnav deceivingly dresses like a business-economics major, but he is a computer science major both on paper and at heart. His passion for discussion and discourse naturally paved the way for co-hosting the podcast, and he looks forward to delving into the ethics surrounding technology in an age where legislation often lags behind. He is particularly fascinated by the financial world and how Fintech will impact the way we think about finance. In his spare time, Arnav enjoys playing the piano as well as reading about current affairs, and looks forwarding to piloting the podcast program.

Andrea Gonzalez Herrera

Logistics Director

Andrea is a third year Cognitive Science major with a specialization in Computing. She is an international student from Mexico and is interested in Linguistics, Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology. She is passionate about how technology impacts individuals and society as a whole. She believes that the development of Artificial Intelligence brings with it new challenges, and it is imperative to discuss ethics in this realm to ensure that AI is utilized for the benefit of humanity. In her spare time she enjoys meeting new people, hanging out with her friends, dancing, drawing, painting, listening to music and watching movies.

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